Our Equipment

By investing in the most advanced and up to date equipment we can give our customers the reassurance of the best possible standard of workmanship, accurate machining and efficient turnaround time.

This is just some of the specialised machinery used in our workshop.

SERDI 4.0 Cylinder Head Overhaul

The latest Head Shop technology for complete cylinder head overhaul including valve seats, guides, inserts ,rocker stud kits, valve spring seats and larger valves.

AZ Boring Bar/Milling Machine

  • For reboring single cylinder to large diesels and V8 Blocks.
  • Cut liner recesses
  • Bore and Fit Liners
  • V8 Blocks bored off crankshaft line

AMC C4 Boring Bar/Mill

  • For milling Blocks up to large V12s
  • Machine large Block and Head Faces
  • Mill Block main tunnels for Line Boring
  • ReBore Blocks up to large V12
  • Uses Diamond Tooling for excellent machine finish

SCHOU 2000 Line Borer

  • Line Bore all Blocks from vintage to large diesel
  • Fitt stepped or splayed steel caps to V8 Blocks for Line Boring
  • Repair and Line Bore Cam Tunnels
  • Re-cut main Tunnels and Thrust Faces after welding repairs
  • Replace Bushes and Line Bore Digger Buckets and make up new pins.

AMC Conrod Borer

  • Reclaim Conrods from the smallest to the largest sizes
  • Bore and re-size Conrod Bearing Tunnels
  • Fit and Bore all Conrod Bushes-tapered or parallel

Specialist Welding

  • Cast iron, aluminium, stainless, Titanium
  • Weld and repair alloy/cast Cylinder Blocks
  • Weld and repair alloy / cast cyliner heads
  • Repair damage in main tunnels through Crankshaft failure
  • Weld-repair damaged Thrust faces; alloy or cast iron
  • If Block can be repaired we will fix it.
  • Weld-repair motorcycle housings and bike frames
  • Weld-repair exhaust / inlet manifolds