Engine Reconditioning Services

With our years of experience and skills and our technologically advanced machinery, we can offer commercial and restoration customers a diverse range of engine reconditioning services under the one roof.

Our Services include...

  • Reboring
  • Resleeving
  • Surface Grinding (Heads, Blocks, Manifolds, etc.)
  • Crankshaft Grinding (Offset pin grinding to accurate stroke lengths & phasing)
  • Polishing of crankshafts, hydraulic rams, bearing areas 
  • Cracktesting
  • Exhaust manifold crack repairing
  • Line boring
  • Conrod resizing and honing
  • Conrod rebushing and maching to lengths
  • Camshaft grinding
  • Balancing of engines, fans, pump components, etc.
  • Metalspraying
  • Piston regrooving
  • Liner recess machining
  • Cracktesting for cylinder heads, blocks, conrods, etc.
  • Pressure testing cylinder heads, blocks
  • Hardness testing, alloy heads, crankshafts, etc.
  • Surface finish testing
  • Straightening alloy heads
  • Insert fitting
  • Valve guide fitting, k-liners
  • Facing valves and seats
  • Maching and lightening of flywheels
  • Engine assembly
  • Specialist Welding